Dutch Cavalry Museum Amersfoort

On this page you can see photos of  vehicles that belong to the collection of the Dutch Cavalry Museum, Museum Nederlandse Cavelerie . The Dutch Cavalry Museum can be found at the Bernardkazerne in Amersfoort. For the adress and opening hours see the end of this page.

The museum tells the story of 4 centuries Dutch cavalry and the famous hussar regiments like Prins Alexander, Prins van Oranje, Boreel en Van Sytzama. Traditionally the cavalry was all about horses. After World War Two the cavalry was mechanized. Tanks and other armored vehicles were introduced. Many ex-Allied vehicles found their way to the Dutch cavalry units. In the museum building, which was totally renovated in 1998 one can follow the history of the cavalry from the beginning until the present day. Outside, in the museum parc, is a fine collection of tanks and other amoured vehicles; from an early Sherman to a  Leopard 1 tank.

Another section of the museum consists out of a fine collection of about 22 restored vehicles which are still operational. These vehicles are restored by a team of around 23 highly motivated volunteer mechanics. Many of these are ex-service men who did their duty in for example the Dutch Indies or Korea. One of these restored vehicles is the C15TA. One can see a photoreport of this vehicle on the C15TA Homepage  by Sten Boye Poulsen from Denmark. Other examples of  restored and operational vehicles are the Daimler Dingo, the Ford Lynx, a General Motors Otter and M3 halftrack. Several other vehicles are still waiting for their restoration. Currently the museum is restoring a Humber Mk 1 Scout.

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The photos below were taken during an earlier visit I made to the museum.

Amersfoort09.jpg (36235 bytes) Medium Tank M4 Sherman Amersfoort02.jpg (34136 bytes) Medium Tank M4 Sherman
Sherman tank with 17 pounder gun. Amersfoort05.jpg (39366 bytes) Light Tank M-24 Chaffee Amersfoort06.jpg (31185 bytes)
Amersfoort12.jpg (32787 bytes) Tank Cruiser Ram Amersfoort04.jpg (30192 bytes) M3 White Halftrack
Car, Light Reconnaisance, G.M. Otter Amersfoort07.jpg (31797 bytes) Armoured Car Humber Mark 4 Amersfoort03.jpg (34467 bytes)
Amersfoort01.jpg (23321 bytes) C15TA Amersfoort10.jpg (27727 bytes) C15TA
Car, Scout, Daimler Dingo Amersfoort11.jpg (33621 bytes) Car, Scout, Daimler Dingo Amersfoort08.jpg (31945 bytes)

Dutch Cavalry Museum

Bernardkazerne, Barchman Wuytierslaan 198, 3818 LN, Amersfoort. Phone +31(0)33 466 1996

Opening hours:

Tuesday-Friday: 10:00-16:00 hrs

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